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Project Management

Advocate for the Client during the Construction Process

As the Project Manager, Design Revolution will organize and coordinate all aspects of the building process including assisting the renovator in selecting and managing the trades-people (the sub-contractors) to make sure that the entire project runs smoothly.

In this way the renovator or homeowner is the 'General Contractor' and will make the final decisions on all costs and hiring - and Design Revolution is there at all times to help and guide.

Project Service Description

The Process

I. Design Revolution starts with plans and specifications - either one of our designs or that of another designer

II. The overall cost to the homeowner is based on a percentage of the cost of the project, depending on its size and complexity

III. (The homeowner can buy all of their building materials at a builder's discount level)

IV. The Company obtains competitive bids from 2-3 competent and qualified Sub-Contractors for each phase of the work to be done ( electricians, plumbers, carpenters, excavators, drywall-ers, painters, landscapers, etc.)

V. Design Revolution organizes the exact costs for all bids on a "spread sheet" and together they select the best Sub-Contractors and suppliers for each job - price is not always the determining factor here

VI. The Homeowner receives Sub-Contractors' bids which are firm contract prices which change only if both agree to changes to the contract

VII. Design Revolution coordinates all of the construction - from the building permit, through excavation & building, to completion

VIII. Design Revolution is on the project site as much as necessary to ensure that the work is being done well

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